From March to June 2022, on Wednesday afternoon, this course organizes presentations or excursions with various representatives of European Companies established in Korea. The purpose is to gather various expatriates to discover the potential of European companies and institutions, their presence here in Korea, and the good and bad of being a European in Korea.

Furthermore, our students are interested to learn what requirements and skills are needed by European companies to get an internship or a job.
Thus during three month, guided by motivated students, different companies and institutions are invited to visit us and briefly introduce themselves, respond to the students questions, and have an enjoyable experience presenting their homeland and their objectives in Asia.

Our students are studying German or French and European Trade or other subjects. English skills are required. Most of them are in the 3rd or 4th academic year. Also our international exchange students can participate in this class.
In order to graduate, each team of students supervising one of the six topics will have to make a presentation and remarks on the website of this class.

Classes on Wednesday, 3.00 – 6.00 pm, time depending on guests or visits. Room 502, College of Humanities, Bldg. 15
Sometimes meetings are online with "Zoom"
(please watch https://cyber.inu.ac.kr for Zoom-meeting information!)

2022 schedule

01 March 2nd       Introduction (file)

02 March 9th       History of Korean-European relations (file) (holiday)

03 March 16th     about companies; European Companies in Korea (file)

04 March 23rd     intercultural aspects (file), (questions to avoid)

05 March 30th      job application, letter of application, CV (file)

06 April 6th          job interview(file)

07 April 13th        how to do powerpoint (1) (file)

08 April 20th        how to do powerpoint (2)

09 April 27th         Excursion to IGUS Company in Songdo, Mr Peter Mattonet

10 May 4th            My Schauplatz, our guest Mr Daniel Faller

11 May 11th          Austrian Embassy, Commercial Section, our guest Mr. Philipp Winkler (Commercial Attachee & Deputy Trade Commissioner)

12 May 18th          Student-team presentations (1)

13 May 25th          Excursion to Mando-Brose Company in Songdo, Mr Niclas Randt, CTO

14 June 1st            TN Consulting, our guest Mr Thierry Nannette (holiday)

15 June 8th            Student-team presentations (2), test, final remark


Language: English ! For company-visits guests are welcome !!!

About last year's classes look on

 www.europetrade2021.blogspot.kr   and earlier.


 Contact to our professors:
- Michael Menke (German)   mmenke@hotmail.com   010 6286 5881 (also Kakao,  WhatsApp)

- Fabien Leclercq (French)    flecle77@gmail.com      010 9942 7969 (Kakao, WhatsApp)

Information about the class you will find also on https://cyber.inu.ac.kr  

Excursion to IGUS in Songdo, April 27th

On April 27th we visited IGUS Company in Songdo. 

It is located in Songdo, a 5-minute walk from Incheon National University. IGUS company produces various products such as energy chains, cables, and bearing technologies with reasonable prices and high level of technology.

When I first entered this company, I saw employees working in a very spacious and comfortable environment. They greeted us warmly and led us to the conference room. The manager of the marketing team introduced the company in English and Korean, and the foreign manager kindly gave more detailed explanations. When I first heard it, it felt unfamiliar because it was a difficult product. However, thanks to the well-explained explanation, it was easy to understand and interesting. They also gave us souvenirs such as IGUS products, German beer, and brochures about the company. We were getting more and more interested in the company. We heard stories about the history of the company, what kind of business it does.

And we asked the staff questions. What do you think is the advantage of IGUS? I asked the question. Then an employee said, "Working in an atmosphere of freedom," and said that when an employee wants to take an annual leave, it is possible at any time without the permission of his boss. And another student asked if igus had any plans to hire employees. He said he had no plans to hire employees for the time being, but said he would contact them through an employee recruitment site or an assistant in the German and German literature department. And we took a forklift to carry things in IGUS. The forklift was designed to automatically stop the forklift in dangerous situations so that employees would not be injured. We could see that IGUS put the welfare of company employees first. It was the day when we got to know IGUS company, communicated with various employees and students of Incheon University, and got a lot of information.

Weblog of IGUS about this visit:



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