Freitag, 7. März 2014

Airbus Group

Mr Cyril Louiche from Airbus-Group introduced his company on April 23rd. He explained, which airplanes are sold to Korean Airlines or Asiana Airlines.

On April 23, we gave a presentation about Airbus. We are Kim Eun-A, Choi Soo-Hee and Hwang Seon-Ae. Since we major in French language and literature, Airbus is familiar to us.
Airbus is an aircraft manufacturer which is headquartered in Toulouse, France. Airbus manufactures passenger aircrafts, military aircrafts and freighter aircrafts. 
Originally Airbus is started from EADS group. EADS stands for European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company. Airbus has become a subsidiary company of EADS through acquisition and merger. So in 1970 Airbus started. Now, Aerospatiale (in France), Deutsche Airbus (in Germany), Aerospace (in U.K) and CASA (in Spain) are co-shareholders of Airbus. Now Airbus is the biggest commercial aircraft manufacturer in the world.

Airbus is comparable to Boeing which is an aircraft manufacturer in America. However since Airbus had been a second mover in aircraft manufacturing industry, Airbus decided to develop a new product which compete against Boeing’s products. So in 2005 Airbus released Airbus 380 (shortened as A380). A380 is the biggest passenger plane in the world. This product has a nickname Super Jumbo because of its size. When A380 lands on the ground, the size including its wings area is comparable to the size of a soccer field. Also the cabin can seat up to 525 people. Korean Air and Asiana Airlines have bought this airplane in 2011 and in 2014.
And now Airbus always tries to develop an advanced airplane. So they have their specific objectives. The first objective is reducing CO2 emissions. The second objective is reducing fuel consumption. The third objective is to make passenger journey time quicker. So, by considering environment with efficiency, Airbus tries to ensure sustainable growth in their business.

After our presentation, a member of EADS gave a presentation about EADS and Airbus. Thanks to his presentation, we became aware of the information about Airbus group and jobs in Airbus. He said that if you interested in Airbus, you can apply for a job in Airbus, regardless of your major. And he said he majored in geography. So, if you interested in Airbus, we’d like to say “Apply for a job in Airbus”.

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